Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday-- Kyle!

This week's Teamwork Tuesday post goes to... (drumroll please.....)

Kyle is a 5 year old boy with Down Syndrome.  (That bad magic number again... I hate that number.)  He is described as having blue eyes and either blonde or brown hair (a combination I personally LOVE!!).  Unfortunately, he's at significant risk of being transferred.  Kyle is 5.  He's living on borrowed time in his Babyhouse. 

Here's what his profile on Reece's Rainbow says:

Kyle is facing the institution. He has striking blue eyes and bright blonde hair! Kyle is medically healthy outside of his flat feet and strabismus. Please give Kyle a chance to grow up in a loving family of his own!
But there is good news!!  Kyle is on the wonderful Moving Mountains page!  That means he has a sizable grant, in Kyle's case, $3903!!!  What a blessing to his Forever Family when they come to get him! 

How much more do you think we could bless them??  ;-)  Let's see what the requirements are for his Region, shall we?

3 trips are required

  • Both parents for first trip, about one week
  • 2-3 month wait for the judge to appoint the court hearing
  • Both parents travel for 2nd trip, approximately 7 days
  • After the 30 day waiting period imposed by the judge only one parent need to travel for the 3rd trip to pick-up the child, the length of this trip is 13 to 17 days depending upon the orphanage, district and the day of the week that you pick up the child. After which a minimum of 3 to 4 days is required in Moscow to obtain the child's visa and register at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Applicants should be no more than 45 years older than the child
  • Single heterosexual women may adopt; approvals on a case by case basis
  • This region prefers families with no more than 4 at home.
  • Total program and travel fees approx $35-40k
  • Fee includes a $1000 orphanage donation
  • One or two children can be adopted at the same time; approvals on a case by case basis
  • Judges pay close attention to a family's income level
  • No criminal background
  • No history of mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, or other mental health issues)
  • We have an AMAZING agency partner serving the children in this region. They are a US licensed and Hague and Russia-accredited agency with a strong track record of outstanding customer service and attention to detail. This is a great program with easy travel and very accommodating, especially for single mothers! These children are located in a major city, with no cross-country travel to remote regions required.

    Canadian families are also eligable to adopt Kyle.  Please see the Canadian Info page for more details. 

    This week, pray over Kyle.  Consider donating just $10 to his grant.  Share, Tweet, Facebook, blog, do whatever it is you do best.  Let's get Kyle out there and seen!  Let's get his grant to grow by leaps and bounds!  Let's get his family found!!

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