Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday--Alexander!!

This Teamwork Tuesday post breaks my heart in pieces.  Please meet Alexander.

Isn't he a handsome young man?  I love his eyes, they're laughing eyes.

His eyes are failing him.

Alexander is dying.  Alexander has a brain tumor that can't be treated well in his country.  It's affecting his vision.  The opportunity for treatment here, however, is so much greater.  Can you see past the scary tumor?  Can you see the beautiful soul in those eyes?  Here's from Alexander's Reece's Rainbow profile:

№ zot3-13G
Boy, born April 2002
Eyes: Brown
Hair: blond
Character: active, sociable

UPDATE FEB 2012:  Alexander’s brain tumor has caused vision damage now, and he is due to be treated again soon.  The doctors there do not expect him to survive  :(    Only God knows the plan for Alexander, but my goodness, the medical poportunity he has for survival here in the US is so much higher.  Hope someone will give him the chance to know that he mattered, even if only for a little while.
From a missionary who visited with him:  “I would say his personality seemed happy, cheerful and sociable from the little contact I had with him.  I did send an email to my friends that worked with his group to get their opinion since they spent several hours with him for a week.  I know he has a brain tumor that is supposedly treatable in the U.S., but the treatment is expected to be lengthy.  He has been treated some in Russia and was in the hospital in the spring for more treatment.   He’s a very lovable kid and very smart.  He remembers people and things that they say and he is very in tune with how sick he is.  He understands and comprehends a lot for his age.  He loves to dance and get one on one attention (what kid doesn’t?)  He’s sensitive and his feelings get hurt easily.    Sasha is concerned about others.  He always asks how you or someone in the group is doing.  He is very outgoing, not shy at all.  He loves to sing songs and recite poems for you, and he knows so many!   Sasha loves individual attention.  You are special to him and he wants to feel that he is special to you also.   Simply put, he is a loving little boy who is such a pleasure to spend time with.   One more thing:  I have lots of pictures of Sasha and some videos of him singing and reciting poems. It would be SO WONDERFUL if he could get adopted and get proper treatment in the USA.
What an amazing young man.  He deserves a chance.  Just a chance.  The worst that can happen is that Alexander finds a family, comes home, and dies.  Guess what?  He's going to die anyway.  

He's going to die alone.  

He's only 10 years old.  

Dear God, save this boy.  Don't let him die without knowing that he is loved.

Are you brave enough to help Alexander?  Are you strong enough?  Of course not, but through Christ... we can do ALL things.  Even adopt a dying boy, just to show him love.  

Alexander's Region has some requirements.  Here they are:

  • 4 trips :(
  • 1st trip, Both parents for 5-7 days
  • Wait 2-3 months for court
  • 2nd trip, both parents for 5 days for court, both go home
  • 3rd and 4th trip are short, only one parent has to travel
  • No more than 5 children at home, experience with Down syndrome preferred
  • Both parents must be younger than 60 years
  • Total program fees under $25,000, plus travel expenses
  • Fee includes a $1000 orphanage donation
  • Married couples and single mothers may apply

It's not so scary. It just... is.  If you're not in the position to adopt Alexander, please consider donating to his fund.  Help his family, who is already going to go through a hard time with his treatments, offset the cost of his adoption. 

Share Alexander.  You know the drill... Facebook, Twitter, Google.  Share him.  Love him where you are. 

Don't let Alexander die alone. 

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