Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday--Brett!!

Welcome back to Teamwork Tuesday!  This week, I'd like to introduce you to Brett.  Brett has had a rather rough start in life.  Besides his physical conditions (which include Down Syndrome and Alopetio areata), he had a very rough birthday.  Here's what his Reece's Rainbow profile says about it:
This child had a rough start in his life. Immediately after giving birth to him in the open country she abandoned him on the field. He was found and taken to the hospital. His condition was poor but the doctors saved his life.

Wow.  I can honestly say I can't put myself in that position.  (BTW... all for UC if that's your choice, before I start getting flames in the comments...  that's still just rough!)  I can't imagine being a mother, having just gave birth, and abandoning my child there.  I imagine she hugged him, kissed him, cried over him... then walked away.  I imagine her like I do Hagar in the desert.  She must've felt so... hopeless.  That poor woman.  I'm praying for her today.  I can't imagine being the person that came across a newborn, half dead, in a field.  Oh my goodness.  What a nightmare.

But, Brett's nightmare can turn around!!  He can be adopted.  He can finally find a mother who is able to hold him, and cuddle, kiss him.  Let him know he is loved.  That he was lost, for a while, but now he's been found. 

Will you help Brett be found?  He needs funds.  His grant is rather small at the moment.  And he needs his Forever Family to find him.  Will you help them?  Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, G+, wherever it is you do what you do best!!  Pray over Brett, his Forever Family, and prayerfully consider donating to his fund.  Let's get one more home! 

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