Monday, July 2, 2012

$10 Drive for Kate!!!

Kate has a new picture up!!  Have you guys seen yet???

Kate has been described as "SUPER sweet, kind, mature, gentle, smart, seems like a good peer to all her friends."  She's going to make some family unbelievably blessed!!!  

In honor of Kate's new picture, we're starting a $10 drive for her!!  Who will join us?  Will you give just $10... that's it... a Starbucks run...  a trip to the movies (or less than that, even!)...  an e-book... will you give up just one luxury, to help Kate's forever family when they come for her??  

Look at this smiling, happy girl.  Know that she's waiting for her family.  Classical beauty Kate, with the sad eyes and the teddy bear.  This Kate

She's still waiting!  Able to find joy in her life, even now.  How much joy will she find when she's home??

Help us help Kate!  Please, donate $10 by clicking on her badge to the right! 


Here is a link to our Facebook Event for Kate.  We're watching miracles unfold over there!!   I hope you come and join us!  Last night, as I checked over Kate and prayed for her, like I do every night, she was stuck at $102, and I was out of ideas, and wracking my brain.  Today, God has answered and provided, and she is currently at $522.60, with a new, beautiful picture!!! Praise God!!

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