Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Remember a couple of weeks ago, I posted about a beautiful little boy named Gavin?

And the wonderful Marine family that was coming to get him? 

Well, here's the deal:  They're still coming to get him..  A pediatric MD looked over Gavin's medical file.  It's not great news.  Gavin's lab work looks bad.  The doctor says he needs a new kidney sooner rather than later.  Like.. NOW.

The Thomas family is submitting their paperwork with the doctor's evaluation to USCIS to try to expedite the process.  They're slowly but surely raising funds... but it's going VERY slowly.  They are still $19,000+ away from being fully funded.

This is a huge deal, because when they get the call to travel, they need to go NOW.  They can't waste time fundraising.  They can't waste time worrying.  They need to go and get their boy!!

Please help us.  Head to Ten for Orphans today and spare what you can.  $10 can be a miracle to this family.  An absolute miracle.  More would be raining showers of blessing on them.

The Thomas family is sponsoring a giveaway. These people are incredible!!  Please come to the Give4Gavin blog, and see how you can enter.  Donate, pray, and share share share!!!  Let's rally together and save this little boy's life!

Do it.  Do it now.  Gavin doesn't have time to wait.

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