Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kate's $10 Drive--RESULTS!!

Here's an update on how we did yesterday for Kate's $10 Drive.  First of all a HUGE thank you to Amy Brockhaus at Tiny Green Elephants for this idea.  I seemed to have fizzled out and hit a low point in my advocacy.  It's not that I'm not as passionate as I always was, I'm just out of ideas!!  And, sometimes, I wonder about the state of humanity... Amy brought us Kate's beautiful new picture and the Drive was her idea.  Thank you so much Amy!!

Now, onto the big news.  Kate's grant now stands at... (((drum roll please...)))  $610.60!!!  Praise God!!!  Thousands of people saw Kate yesterday, from everyone sharing her and letting their friends know.  I call that a COMPLETE success!!!

Please don't forget Kate!!  Don't forget that she waits, and she watches as her friends get adopted, and she wonders.  Let's not let her wait much longer!!

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