Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Left-Behinds

Whenever a parent travels to adopt their child, it's inevitable that they tell us about the Left-Behinds.  The ones that had their hearts, but they just couldn't take.  The ones who cried and asked them over and over if they were sure they couldn't take them, too?  Where are their Mama's?  Why won't anyone choose them?   These are the Left-Behinds.

Reece's Rainbow has a group of Left-Behinds, too.  This is a simple fact, but the reality of it crushes my heart in ways you can't imagine.  This isn't about being picked last to play kickball, or not joining the Super Cool Girls' Club.  This is about never being picked at all, for something as basic to human function as having a family.  Wrap your mind around that.  Never being picked for a privilege that most of us take for granted.  A God-given right, snatched away from a child, through no fault of their own.  Their only crime against a culture that doesn't understand and can't comprehend, is being born.  Just existing.

Today, I'm going to share some of the Left-Behinds and their stories.  These are the ones that have been listed the longest on Reece's Rainbow.  I'm not going to show them all to you.  I just can't.  But, as advocates, there are 64 total that we are blogging about today.  I encourage you to visit the blogs at the bottom of this post and see them all.  Look at their faces.  Look in their eyes.  Share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest... WHEREVER you are!  You'll have seen a few of these already, or you'll hear about them again in Teamwork Tuesday blogs.  That's OK, because the more we hear, the more we're aware.  And once we're aware... we have no excuse.

First I'm going to show you is Owen.  You know Owen, because he's one of My Angels.

Isn't this the sweetest little collage one of our advocate's daughters made of him???  And, of course, here is his new picture. 

I'm so blessed and happy to have a new picture of Owen.  To know he's alive and for the most part, OK.  But his eyes... do you see it?  The hope fading?  The way his hand is raised, nearly begging you to pick him? Please, won't someone pick him?

The thing that kills me about Owen is that I've researched his condition, Saethre-Chyndromeotzen Syndrome.  Nothing, NOTHING in there is overly scary.  With proper surgery and in time (and I don't know if it's in time already or not), there could be no cognitive delays.  Nothing about his syndrome affects his cognitive abilities.  

He just looks scary.  

We're that shallow. 

Yep, I said it.  We, as a society, are that shallow.  We'd rather let a child languish in a mental institute who has no business being there, than give  him a home.  I'm angry about this.   He's 4 years old.  He's still a baby.  And we fear him.

Next, I want to show you Kristie.

Kristie had an older sister.  They were separated (legally) and her sister was adopted.  Can you imagine?  Can you imagine watching your only sibling, your sister, walk out of your orphanage with her new parents, to her new life, and leaving you behind?  Can you imagine the hurt?  The confusion?  The questions?  Why not me??

Kristie is another one whose condition, I believe, looks and sounds scarier than it is.  Kristie has Klippel-Feil Syndrome.  The site I linked to says that if treated early, the prognosis is good.  How late is too late?  Kristie is 11 this year.   How much longer does she have, before they can't help her anymore?  

These beautiful girls are Samantha (top) and Kristina (bottom).  They're a gorgeous sibling set.  They're described as friendly, helpful, and affectionate.  They're beautiful girls, but they've already been sent to an institution.  They are 7 and 6 years old, their birthdays only 5 days apart!  I wonder if they even know that...  

This brunette beauty is Chrystyna.  She is 10 years old now.   She has developmental delays and difficulties, and that's all her orphanage says.  It's possible she has FAS.  

She's in a place where she's being well cared for at the moment, but it's not a Mama, and it's not a Papa.  It's not a family.  Chrystyna needs our help.  She has an older sister, Karen.  Karen can only be adopted with Chrystyna.  These girls need our prayers.  They need our help.  They need their family to come get them.  These girls have an amazing Guardian Angel who is holding a Facebook Event now to help raise their grants up.  Please come take a look, and pray over them.   

This is Cora Lynne.  She's in Owen's Region.  There are a LOT of Left Behinds in this Region.  I'm not sure why, but there are.  Look at this precious little baby face!!

You wouldn't know it, but this little one is 6 years old now.  This is the most recent picture we have of her.  Beautiful, beautiful Princess

And here is beautiful Lainne.  Three years old, and Left Behind.  

A beautiful princess, waiting for her Prince Charming, her Daddy, to come for her.  

These are some of the Left-Behinds.  You can read about the rest of them below.  There are 64 in all.

64 that weren't chosen.

64 that have watched their brothers, sisters, and friends as they headed off to start their new lives.  Without them.  

64 Left-Behinds.  

64 children.  

Help them.  

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