Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday--Jenny and Jordan!!

We have another beautiful sibling set to bring you today!  Unfortunately, we only have one picture, though.

Jenny and Jordan are a sister/brother set.  Jenny is 8 years old, and is HIV+.  Jordan is 4 years old, and is reportedly healthy.  They CAN be adopted together, because Jenny is older!  I don't know about you, but I can't imagine being seperated from my sibling, never to see them again, at such a young age.

Jenny is such a beauty, isn't she?  I adore her long, blond hair.  She is reported to be very smart, and developing typically.

There is nothing scary about raising a child with HIV.  If you're not sure about taking an HIV+ child into your home, please check out Project Hopeful.  This is an amazing group of people who have made it their goal in life to educate and raise awareness for orphans with HIV.  Please please please check them out!!  Truth is Contagious!!

Jenny and Jordan only have $68 in their grant.  That's hardly a drop in the bucket, especially considering two adoptions.  Please prayerfully consider raising their grant by leaps and bounds!!  And consider Jenny and Jordan for your family.  How would you feel to watch your sibling go off to a new life, never to see them again?   Please pray over this sibling set, and SHARE SHARE SHARE!!  Let's get these two found and home TOGETHER!

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