Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday--KATE!!!!

My beautiful, beautiful Princess Kate is this week's Teamwork Tuesday focus!!  Yea!!!

I love this picture of her!!  Let me tell you about Kate:  She's an 11 year old girl.  She loves to play dress-up in beautiful clothes.  And she's drop dead gorgeous, in my book.  Kate's also HIV+.


Nah. . HIV is actually a very controllable need.  The biggest challenge to raising a child with HIV, from the reports I've heard, is overcoming the stigma.  Educating people.  Making sure the truth rises above the myths.

That's where Project Hopeful comes in.  Truth is Contagious, they believe, and they are working to educate the world on adopting and raising children with HIV.

Kate has been called mature and a wonderful friend.  Her smile shows a joy that is able to be found even in her hard circumstance.  Can you imagine how much bigger her smile would get, if she were to get her very own Mama and Papa?

I want more than anything to see my beautiful Princess Kate home!!  We've managed to raise her fund from $20 when I first started advocating for her in February, to over $600.  I'd love love LOVE to see her higher.  In my dreams, she's on the Moving Mountains page!

Let's get her there!  Let's get her found!  Let's get Kate home!!!  Join me!

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