Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Wesley!!

This is Wesley.  Wesley is 12 years old, and lives in Asia.  Six years ago, at only 6 years old, his family abandoned him.  We don't know why.  Perhaps they couldn't afford to care for him any longer.  Perhaps his medical needs were too great.  Perhaps they were simply tired of the stares.  See, Wesley has Albinism (an inherited condition where the child has little to no pigment in their skin, eyes, and hair).  He looks different.  He also has vision issues (horizontal nystagmus of both eyes, white iris, transparent cornea, both eye ground cannot be seen clearly).  So, I'm guessing he squints a lot.  It looks like he does in this picture.  

I'm going to go with the theory that his parents adored him, and just couldn't take care of him the way he needed to.  It makes me feel better.  It helps me sleep at night.  I have no idea if that's the truth.  I pray it is.  

Wesley is available to be adopted.  From his Reece's Rainbow page:

Wesley was abandoned when he was 6 years old and he has been on the list since 2008. He has a gentle temperment, is polite and sensible, and gets along well with others. He likes to play games with kids outdoors. He likes watching cartoons, listening to stories with peers, playing games with kids outdoors, likes playing balls and toy cars best.   He especially prefers toys that make sounds.

Additional pictures and information available.
He sounds like the sweetest boy, doesn't he?  Unfortunately, his grant is rather low.  Only $252.50

We need to get that up.  Kids that look different have a harder time getting adopted.  Older kids have an older time getting adopted.  Kids from Asia are too often the last picked.  Wesley has some strikes against him starting out.  Let's change that!  Let's give him one awesome, solid advantage!

My friend Sandra is hosting a giveaway right now for Wesley, the Precious One Giveaway.  She has some beautiful, awesome prizes.  I encourage you to go check it out.  Pray for Wesley!  Pray for Wesley's family!  And prayerfully donate to his fund.  Let's get this Precious One found!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Please vote for our own Kate!!

Hi everyone!!  Voting is up in the My Own Little Starfish Contest for the last time!  As a reminder, the 1st and 2nd place winners get a spot on this year's Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree-- usually reserved only for the orphans with Down Syndrome, 0-5 years old.  So this is HUGE for our older kids!  This week's final voting is for the HIV+ kids, 10 years old and up.  And guess what....

THAT'S RIGHT!!  My beautiful Kate is up for nomination!!  YEA KATE!!

Please take 2 seconds to come and vote!  There's no registering, there's no forms to fill out.  Simply click THIS LINK, and click the star that says "vote" over Kate's picture.  (It's the same picture you see above, and Kate is listed as #5.)  You only have to vote once.

Please help Kate get this wonderfully incredible chance to increase her grant and get exposure!  The more exposure, the better chance she has of being found by her forever family!

Come VOTE KATE, and then leave me a comment letting me know you did!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday--Karen and Chrystyna

Have you met these two beautiful sisters yet?  It wouldn't surprise me if you had, they have an amazing warrior!!

Chrystyna is a beautiful 10 year old girl with developmental difficulties and delays.  It's very possible she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  She has beautiful brown eyes and brown hair, and was described in September from a family who met her as "beautiful, and full of potential."  Her mother's parental rights were terminated, and there is no biological father known.

Chrystyna had been institutionalized, but by the grace of God, has been moved out of the institution to a place where she's getting educated and is well cared for.  The reports are that the difference in the girls who are transferred to this facility is amazing, and we're so happy to know that Chrystyna is there!!

Chrystyna has an older sister named Karen.  Karen is simply beautiful, but is 16 years old.  She's able to be adopted, but only with Chrystyna (Chrystyna can also be adopted alone).  It scares me to think what's going to happen to Karen when she's out on her own.  Karen has no special needs.  Isn't she absolutely gorgeous? 

These two beautiful sisters need a chance.  Chrystyna only has $1,187 in her adoption grant right now. That's a good start!!  But it's only a start...  Please consider donating to Chrystyna's fund, and pray over these girls this week!  Let's rally together to find their Forever Families!! 

AND... DON'T FORGET to VOTE DAILY for Reece's Rainbow in the Cultivate Wines The Give contest!!  It can make all of the difference in the WORLD for 10 special orphans!! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Waiting Child

The Waiting Child 

by Debbie Bodie

I saw you meet your child today. 
You kissed your baby joyfully 
And as you walked away with her, 
I played pretend you'd chosen me. 

I'm happy for the baby,
yet inside I'm aching miserably.
I want to plead as you go by,
"Does no-one want a child of three?" 

I saw you meet your child today
In love with her before you met
And as I watched you take her out
I knew it wasn't my turn yet. 

I recognize you from last year!
I knew I'd seen your face before!
But you came for a second babe.
Does no-one want a child of four? 

I saw you meet your child today
But this time there was something new.
A nurse came in and took MY hand
And then she gave my hand to you. 

Can this be true? I'm almost six!
And there are infants here you see?
But then you kissed me and I knew
The child you chose this time was ME

Please don't forget our waiting "Big Kids."  You can't imagine the feeling of being the one left behind.  

Grab This!


I honestly try not to do this too much here, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  And, yes, I am desperate. See, one of my absolute favorite ministries, Reece's Rainbow, is in the running for a $50,000 cash prize right now.  

Cultivate Wines is an awesomely amazing company that  donates a ton of money every year to charity.  They have a contest, and the charity with the most votes, wins!!  $50,000.  Cash.  OH MY HEART!!  (If you haven't heard of Reece's Rainbow, definitely go check them out.  It's an amazing group of people, doing amazing things.  Miracles happen there!!)   

 Reece's Rainbow has already put out what the money will go to:  They're putting $5000 cash into 10 different special needs orphans' adoption grants!!  Wanna see who? 

   Here's the deal though.  The voting is REALLY REALLY close.  So I'm asking for your help.  I can't offer anything for your vote.  I can only ask you to please, please PLEASE VOTE for Reece's Rainbow!   Voting is so easy, and takes 10 seconds.  First, go to  (or click the button at the bottom of this post, or on the sidebar).   

It will ask you if you're 21 (must be 21 to vote...), and then let you log in with your Facebook log in. 

 After that, simply click the Vote Here button, and you're done!  

That's it.  So. simple. You can vote every day.  AND PLEASE DO!!!  Every vote matters, and every vote counts!!   

 You can share with your friends, too!  Feel free to copy and paste this post onto your blog.  You have my permission.  :)  Share on Facebook, Twitter... WHERE EVER you do what you do!!  Get them voting and sharing, too!!  

 $5000 in a grant can mean the difference between a family going, and a family not being able to travel.  Let's not let these 10 kids down.  They deserve more.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday--Benji!!

I loves me the babies!!

Benji is a sweet 2 year old boy in Eastern Europe with Down Syndrome.  He has dark hair and eyes, and is described as kind, affectionate, and curious.  At last report, he could roll over, and was beginning to crawl.  He can focus on one toy and will stare at it for a while, and he vocalizes, which is good.  

Here are the requirements for Benji's Region:

  • 3 trips
  • 1st trip, Both parents for 7 days
  • Wait 2-3 months for court
  • Both parents travel for 2nd trip for court hearing, 10 days
  • This region does not waive the 30 day wait
  • Only one parent has to make 3rd trip of 7 days
  • Applicants should be no more than 45 years older than the child
  • No family size restrictions
  • Married couples only
  • Total program and travel fees under $35K

Benji is such a sweet boy, and so young!!  The Angel Tree starts in two days, and Benji will be on it.  Please, consider donating to him through the Angel Tree.  Let's get Benji seen and found!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday--Beckett 15H!!!

Sweet little Beckett with his baby curls and bright blue eyes!!!  I know this is an old picture, but I couldn't help posting it.  I LOVE BABY CURLS!! 

Alas, Beckett's gotten a haircut, though.  

He's still a beautiful little boy.  Look at those EYES!!  So clear, and so open!  So beautiful. 

Beckett has some vision loss in one eye, and hearing loss in one ear.   That's it.  He would greatly benefit from medical care and the TLC of a loving family.   Beckett has a small grant, and it's not nearly enough.  Please prayerfully consider donating to Beckett as you pray over him this week.  

  • 1st trip, Both parents for 5-7 days
  • 3 Trips are required
  • 2-3 month wait for the judge to appoint the court hearing
  • Both parents travel for 2nd trip about 7 days, both parents leave after the court hearing
  • 30-day waiting period is NOT waived for special needs
  • Only one parent would need to return after the 30-day wait
  • Up to 5 young children in the home
  •  if the family income is sizeable (the adopted child being the 5th child). Up to 7 children at home may be permitted on a case-by-case basis if income is adequate and some of the children at home are older (teenagers)
  • Both parents must be younger than 60 years
  • Parents may NOT be currently on anti-depressants; prior history of anti-depressants may be permitted on a case-by-case basis
  • No criminal background (DWI’s acceptable on a case by case basis)
  • Fee includes orphanage donation
  • Married couples and single heterosexual mothers may apply
  • Un-related children may not be adopted simultaneously
  • Total program and travel fees approx $35-40K

Please consider Beckett for your family, and, as always, SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!  Once you know about these children, you can't un-know.  Now you know about Beckett.  What will you do?

Teamwork Tuesday--Maxim!

UPDATE!!! Maxim has found his family and they're coming for him!! Donate to their FSP here!

I think Maxim is one of those children who just grabs your heart and doesn't let go.  Maxim is a sweet 8 year old boy with laughing eyes--a miracle, considering he's already been sent to a mental institution.  He looks so full of laughter, I know he'll bring joy to his Forever Family.  Here's what his Reece's Rainbow page says:

Boy, Born September 15, 2004

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Maxim is a precious little boy who has already been sent away to the institution. He needs a family immediately!! He is 6 years old, with blonde hair and blue yes.  He struggles with strabismus in both eyes and a significant tongue thrust, but surgery/glasses and OT will help with that!  Please give Maxim the chance to grow up in a loving family, so he can realize his full potential!!  We have already had a family adopt from this institution, so Maxim still has an opportunity to be saved and to live the life he so richly deserves!

From one of our adoptive families who visited with him in October 2010:   I don’t know if I can openly share how the whole encounter went so I will just say that we were able to go and while we were there I was able to see Maxim. To hold him and love on him. To laugh as he passed gas and laughed about it. That was one of the best parts of the visit, how he thought “tooting” (is it called that when boys do it?) was just the funniest thing – just like any other 6 year old little boy would. He was so sweet and so alert and attentive to those who had come to visit with him. Here’s a little rundown of his abilities that I witnessed first hand:
He can pull up to stand and walk with assistance.
He knows his name and responds to it.
He has a sweet nature, personality, and sense of humor
He copies hand motions (I believe he could learn to sign)
He can crawl
He likes cars! :) They said he crawls through the window to look out when the car comes to their building.
In the one pic above where  you see his hands, he kept touching his thumbs together and so I put his pointers togehter to make a heart and after that he kept trying to do it himself. His worker was a really sweet lady who obviously believes that people with DS are capable. She hopes to see change in her country someday. That really touched my heart to know that he is being cared for by someone who believes that he can be something if given a chance. AND HE CAN!

Maxim’s Mom and Dad? Where are you? I’ve seen him. I’ve held him and kissed his sweet face. He is waiting patiently for you to come for him. I KNOW, I just KNOW, that he will be the biggest blessing to his family. Please hear the call – for Maxim.

UPDATE OCT 2011:  Maxim is one of the sweetest little boys I’ve ever met. He pats my arm in the most adorable, gentle way, and it absolutely melts my heart! He is now walking with very minimal assistance, and crawls faster than any other child I’ve ever met. He is a smart boy, and will follow directions (for example, come over to the carpet). He has an amazing attention span, and will bounce a ball back and forth with me for at least 20 minutes straight. He has the most wonderful laugh, and is a very joyful little guy! He has so much potential, someone please choose Maxim!!

Wow.  Maxim just melts my heart.  Where is his Mama and Papa?

Maxim has a large grant, over $5000!!!  And Maxim has quite the fan base.  Won't you please consider Maxim for your family?  Please pray for him, pray for his caregivers, and prayerfully consider donating to Maxim's growing fund.  And, of course, SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!  Let's get Maxim seen!!