Monday, November 19, 2012

Are You Considering Adoption?

It's a scary thought.  Adopting.  There are so many variables... so many unknowns.  And then, of course, there are the attacks.  Ask any adoptive family, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong during your adoption.  The Devil does not like it when we adopt.  Think you're not strong enough to adopt?

Guess what?

You're right.

Carter doesn't need someone who is strong enough to deal with his needs.  He doesn't need someone who has it all together.  He just needs someone who God is whispering to, and has the courage to say Yes.  Yes, I will take him.  I will look past the big, scary diagnosis.  I will look at the child, the big brown eyes, the wondering stare.  And then, when it gets hard... I will look to Christ.

Yes.  I will go. 

Will you be that person?  Will you save this one.  This Precious One?  This tiny one?  

God has said "Go!"  Will you say "Here I am, Lord.  And I'm going."  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday--Angelina!!

Introducing today's Teamwork Tuesday Angel of the Week...  Angelina!!

Angelina is a BEAUTIFUL 4 year old girl with Down Syndrome.  She also has a heart condition, and really, really needs to see a cardiologist badly.  From Angelina's Reece's Rainbow page:

Girl, Born March 2008
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
This beautiful muffin, look how she has grown!   She does have a heart condition  and will need to seek a cardiologist and surgery once home.    She needs a family ASAP!

Angelina has been waiting WAY too long.  She is already 4 1/2 now and has likely been transferred.  You can see how tiny and frail she is.  PLEASE help us find her family!
Additional photos available!  SINGLE MOMS WELCOME. 

But don't dispair!!  Because Angelina has a Secret Weapon... in the form of her AMAZING Warrior, Deb!!  Deb has raised Angelina's grant to a wonderful $5539!!!  And she's still going-- she's raised over $600 for Angelina just since the Angel Tree began less than 2 weeks ago!!

Deb has some really wonderful and amazing fundraisers going, helping to ensure that when Angelina's family finds her, money will NOT be the deciding factor!!  Here is a list of Angelina's fundraisers, which you can also find by clicking on the Intentional Shopping tab at the top of the page:

Love Leaving Legacy on Etsy and Facebook (NEW items added to the Facebook page today--11/13!!!)

You have the option of stating when you’d like your wreath to arrive and you pay through the website.
In the check out process under “Extra order information” there is a drop down menu with a list of seller names. In order for the Wielhouwer Kid Bunch to get credit and raise the funds for Angelina 3g, please select “Wielhouwer L 5084” as the affiliate for whom to get the credit. (Ends 11/18, so HURRY!!)

Please commit to praying this week for Angelina and her Warrior, Deb.  Prayer is Powerful, and we serve a VERY BIG GOD!  And share share share!  The more people who see Angelina, the better chance she has!  And, finally, as always, prayerfully consider donating to Angelina.

As a reminder, anyone who donates $35 or more to one of our Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree children during the Angel Tree, gets a BEAUTIFUL Christmas ornament to hang on your tree. Don't miss out!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Abbott!!

This week, we bring to you the first of our Christmas Angels-- Abbott!!

Abbott is a sweet 5 year old boy in Eastern Europe with Down Syndrome.  He's already reached that horrible Magic Number, and has been transferred to an adult mental institution.  Oh, my heart!  Look at those sweet, sweet eyes.  Here's what we know from Reece's Rainbow about Abbott:

Abbott is a child with whom everyone falls in love immediately! He is a very kind and very cheerful child! He easily finds common language with adults and children. Abbott understands how to properly play with the different kind of toys and loves to play. He is not speaking yet but he is easily understood.  Abbott is an active child.  He likes to run, walk and see new places.
Recently he has been transferred to an institution and nobody knows how he is now.

Abbott is blessed, though.  He has this AMAZING Christmas Warrior, Frankie.  Frankie is a true saint, and she's got some wonderful fundraisers going on for Abbott.  

OK, first, Frankie has an online shop called Hooked for Hope, where she donates a MINIMUM of 25% of every sale to Abbott.  Let me tell you, I have one of Frankie's products, an adorable little gnome.  She's good!

Frankie is also having a run/walk-a-thon called Trekking for Abbott.  You can pledge per mile that Frankie runs or walks, and she's doing a REALLY good job with keeping up on it! 

Also, Abbott has a matching grant right now!!!  When he reaches $438 in his Angel Tree fund, an extra $200 will be sent in!!  Praise God!!

Please pray this Christmas Season about donating to Abbott.  Like all of our Christmas Angels, his Warrior, Frankie, has committed to raising a minimum of $1,000 for him.  This is a huge undertaking.  Reece's Rainbow offers a beautiful Christmas Ornament for your tree when you send in $35 or more, so please, be generous!!  

As we stalk our TVs right now and obsess over exit polls, let's not forget, there are real kids out there who really need us, and they need us now.  We can't afford to ignore them, even for a moment.  

Friday, November 2, 2012

What is Your Focus?

Too often, we as the church focus on the wrong things.  I think this is ESPECIALLY true this election year.  We're focused... but is it on what Christ tells us to be focused on?  What does He want from His Bride?

What are YOU going to focus on this year?  Will it be the Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas debacle?  Will you be protesting business because they don't acknowledge YOU and YOUR faith? 

Or will you chose to die to yourself, reflect Christ, and show Him to everyone?  Will you SAY you're a Christian... loudly?  Or will you SHOW Christ through your humble love to every child of God?  

You have a choice.  Now that you've heard, you've seen... you can't not hear.  You can't not see.  

You can only ignore.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas for Carter Fundraisers!!

OK, I know you all are just waiting with baited breath to know ALL that we have going on to support Carter this Christmas Season.  SO... without further ado... Here we go!!

On November 1-13, we'll be hosting an auction at our Facebook Page.  PLEASE come like the page and check us out!!  We're still accepting donations, so if you have something you'd like to include, send it in!!

On December 1-7, we'll be hosting a giveaway here on the blog!!  Stay tuned for that!!

From NOW until November 30, we're having a fundraiser with Tastefully Simple!  My beautiful Sister-in-Love, Aryn, is a Tastefully Simple consultant, and is VERY generously donating ALL of her commission to Carter!! You can join our Facebook Event Page, and then order at Aryn's Tastefully Simple Site.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to put in the Address 2 line of your shipping REECE'S CARTER FUNDRAISER, so Aryn knows that the order is for Carter!!

Are you a coffe-aholic?  I so am.  My kids tease me MERCILESSLY.  (They seem to conveniently ignore the fact that they're the REASON I need coffee!!)  Well, I'm picky about my coffee, so I bet you are, too!  Head over to our Christmas for Carter Coffee Shop, sponsored by (local to me!) Just Love Coffee, for organic, fair trade, awesome coffee!   There is a huge variety of coffee (including green coffee--TOO COOL!!), apparel, mugs, music, and equipment to help you brew the perfect cup!

There is nothing better than hot coffee on a cold morning.  NOTHING!!  So definitely check out the Christmas for Carter Coffee Shop!

OK, up next, for that super fun family night, we've got Fun Pasta Fundraising!  These adorably shaped pasta are the PERFECT thing for a cold winter's night in!  With all types of themes, from snowmen to girls' night out and even collegate teams (PERFECT for Saturday afternoon football!), everyone is going to LOVE these!

OK, that's what I have going on so far.  I'll add more as we get more going on.  Now, some reminders for Angel Tree:  Our goal is to raise AT LEAST $1,000 FOR CARTER.  You can help us do that a number of ways.

1)  You can shop through one of the above links.
2)  You can donate directly at Carter's Reece's Rainbow page.
3)  You can send a check in to Reece's Rainbow for Carter.  (PLEASE note in the memo line:  Carter 14G)

Now, you are welcome to donate WHATEVER amount you are able to!  God takes your widow's mite and adds it to my widow's mite, and together, we get Carter home!  If you donate $35 or more, Reece's Rainbow will send you this BEAUTIFUL ornament with Carter's picture on the other side!

You have the option of getting an ornament with every $35 you donate.  So, for $70, you can get 2, for $105, you can get 3!!  How awesome is that??  Also, you can donate for someone else, and have the ornament sent directly to them!

All right, we've covered Carter, but here's my boggle... see, I sorta kinda promised a couple of friends that I would help them fundraise for their Angels, too.  AND... both of my Guardian Angel kids got voted on the Angel tree, too!!  PRAISE GOD!  I can't very well leave Kate and Owen behind, now, can I?  So, here's what we're going to do:

When Carter reaches the magic number in his Fund of $2,729 (which will be his $1,000), I'm going to open up all of my fundraisers to Kristie, the Angel of the friend I promised to help.

When Kristie's grant reaches a minimum of $628 (that's $500 more than she has at the time I write this), I will open it up to Owen.

When Owen reaches $3,656.50 ($500 more than now), I will open it up to Kate.

When Kate has $2,243.70, we'll open it up to Anna.

Got all that?  So, the long and short of it is, the sooner we hit our goals, the more kids we can help!

We can do this!!  Let's rock the Christmas Season!!