Friday, November 2, 2012

What is Your Focus?

Too often, we as the church focus on the wrong things.  I think this is ESPECIALLY true this election year.  We're focused... but is it on what Christ tells us to be focused on?  What does He want from His Bride?

What are YOU going to focus on this year?  Will it be the Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas debacle?  Will you be protesting business because they don't acknowledge YOU and YOUR faith? 

Or will you chose to die to yourself, reflect Christ, and show Him to everyone?  Will you SAY you're a Christian... loudly?  Or will you SHOW Christ through your humble love to every child of God?  

You have a choice.  Now that you've heard, you've seen... you can't not hear.  You can't not see.  

You can only ignore.