Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spotlight On... Nastya!!

Have you ever been sick?  Like really, really sick?  The type of sick that has you in bed for three days, trying not to move?  I have.  When I get sick, I feel like I got hit with a Mac truck, and I know the BEST thing for me to do is go to bed.

But, after a day or so, I get incredibly bored.  Lucky for me, I have a TV.  And an iPad.  And a laptop. And 6 kids to come and keep me company. ;-)  And, in the end, I know that I'll be better soon, and I'll be up and about.

What if I didn't know that?  What if every day, for the rest of my life, I was stuck in bed?  What if the only sights I ever saw were the walls of the room I was in, and the only people I ever saw were the other children, also bedridden, and the caregivers.  What if that became my whole world?

I think I would really, truly go mad.

That's what Nastya is fated to, if her forever family doesn't find her.

Nastya is 7 years old, and has spina bifida and minor hydrocephalus.  She's had corrective surgery, but is still, she can't walk.  What this means in her country is that she will soon, any day now, be confined to a "laying down room" in an institution, where she will stay, day and night, for the rest of her life.  Until she dies.

She's 7.  And her fate has already been decided.  No learning to read or write.  No science experiments or history lessons.  No music, no... nothing.  Just a bed and four walls.  Jesus, have mercy on Nastya!

This can't be the end of the line for Nastya.  I know there is a family out there who needs this blonde haired princess with them.  And she needs you, too!!  

Nastya has $1,457 in her Reece's Rainbow Grant.  It's not a small amount, but she's not fully funded, either, and we can get her there!!  Please, prayerfully consider donating to Nastya's grant.  Her family has a long way to go to get to her, and they're going to need all of the help they can get!

Please share Nastya's Reece's Rainbow page, or this blog post, where ever it is that you do your social media.  The more people that see this beautiful Princess, the greater chance she has of getting adopted, so we need your help!!  I can show my friends... but it takes ALL of us to get her found!!

And finally, and most importantly, please pray over Nastya today.  She needs your prayers more than anything in the world.

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