Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spotlight On... Eldon!!

Introducing... Eldon!!

OK, is he not the cutest thing EVER?  There's something about little boys in glasses, they just steal my heart.  

Eldon is 9 years old, and from his Reece's Rainbow page:
Boy, born September 2004
has siblings (not available for adoption)
Farsighted; convergent squint; inborn heart disease: open arterial duct; mixed developmental delay; pseudobulbaric disartria
He has a speech delay. Psychomotor developmental delay since birth. He has had necrotic enterocolitis, lungs inflammation, cataralic ears inflammation, stomatitis, chickenpox, and hip joint inflammation of the right leg.
Eldon is described as sensitive, impulsive, and on the offensive. When he cries it takes him a long time to calm down. He seeks out contact from familiar adults, wants attention, and his cognitive communication is dominating. He avoids new surroundings and situations, he is careful with strangers, he will engage after getting to know someone. He does not communicate with children often. He will occasionally join in collective games, but he prefers to play alone. He especially likes blocks and cars as well as doing puzzles, mosaics, and constructing things.
It is recommended that he sees a cardiologist, speech therapist, and physical therapist once home.

I'm not going to lie. There are some pretty big, scary words in there.  There are heart conditions, and there is pseudobulbaric disartria, which I had to look up.  (I actually think it's spelled wrong there, but that's how it is on his page, so I copied it.)  And, when I did, I realized this kid is in for a long road.  But it's NOT an impossible road, especially with a family that loves him.

Eldon's grant is crazy tiny--only $10.  He's one of the one's who has been overlooked, for whatever reason.  I want to change that--TODAY.

Will you please pray about donating to Eldon today?  Let's get his grant going, let's get people seeing him!  Please share this blog post, or his Reece's Rainbow page, and let's get Eldon the help he needs.  He desperately needs to see a cardiologist, and without the proper therapies, Eldon will just slip away from us.  We can't let that happen to this adorable, sweet little boy.

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