Friday, May 10, 2013

Spotlight On... Hayden!

Last night, as I was catching up on Doctor Who (oh, yes, I'm a Whovian... I freely admit it!), we were watching an episode called The Bells of Saint John For those poor souls out there who haven't found the wonderful fantasy world that is Doctor Who, I'll surmise for you:  The world is encased in Wi-Fi.  But, when you're searching for Wi-Fi, if you click on one particular signal, it will upload your mind INTO the Wi-Fi.  When you're uploaded, you go onto this screen... Anyway, I won't ruin it for you, but one thing stood out to me, that I want to share with you today.

In the evil lair (for lack of a better term...) there was a wall of screens.  And on each screen, was someone who had been uploaded into the Wi-Fi.  And they were all scared, and confused.  And they all said the same thing, in this super panicked voice.  "Help me.  I don't know where I am!"

That's sort of what I think about when I see things like this:

I wonder how many of these kids are screaming in their minds, "Help me!!  I don't know where I am!  But I'm dying to get out!  I want to meet you!  I want to see the world!  I want to communicate, I want to learn, I want to teach!  Someone, anyone, PLEASE!!  Just give me the tools to get out!!"

I wonder that as I bring you today's Spotlight.  Please meet Hayden

Hayden is 7 years old, and I'll let his write up on Reece's Rainbow speak for itself:

Boy, Born July 2005
has siblings (not available for adoption)
January 2010:   Psychical and physical developmental delays. He cannot name colors, geometrical shapes, and he does not understand the concepts of size and amount. He is not interested in toys and does not play with them. He gets aggitated when someone lightly provokes him. He does not participate in general children activities. Stereotypical movements are noticed (swinging, swaying, rocking). Phonemic hearing is not developed, his audion perception is delayed, speech pronunctiation delays, and his vocabulary is narrow. His balance and coordination are delayed.
Hayden is active and curious, he is interested in his surroundings. His comprehensive language is limited, he speaks using the sentences of two-four words. He often repeats the heard word several times. He likes active games and active activities, however he prefers to play alone. He likes singing, dancing, and enjoys musical activities. He struggles to communicate, collaborate, and play with peers. He has trouble paying attention. He has no interest in toys and prefers playing with things like a tape-recorder, tv, electrical switch, etc. He does not know his colors. He could be characterized as quite impatient and impulsive. Independence skills are under developed. He eats independently, he needs help from an adult to dress and undress and to do all hygienic tasks. He seeks out attention from adults in various manners. He likes helping in daily chores by dusting, wiping off the table, and tidying the toys. He cannot express his opinion.

Can you see the intelligence behind those eyes?  This child is THERE .  He's in there, behind the eyes.  He needs someone to help him get out.   Are you the family that is able to do that?  Can you see behind the diagnosis, see behind the eyes, and see the BOY that is stuck in there?

Can you see him?

Hayden only has $20 in his account.  I don't know why, but he does.  So, as it stands right now, his family has to look past the diagnosis, has to look past the autism, has to look past the tiny grant... and see their son.

It will take a very special family.  But I know there is one out there for him.

Will you help us find them?  Please, prayerfully consider donating to Hayden.  Let's tear down one of his barriers.  Then, share this blog post, or share Hayden's Reece's Rainbow page.  If we all share, he'll go viral, and I know his family will find him.  And, finally, pray over Hayden today.  Think about what it must be like for him, locked in his own world, struggling to get out.

Please, help the world meet Hayden.

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  1. Kristi,
    You're doing amazing things here.....I would love to donate to Reece's Rainbow. I have the info right here on your page and the next time we sit down to write bills, we will.

    I found you through my blog, when you stopped to comment on a few posts...I guess I linked them tl a hop and we met thru that!

    BTW we are huge Whovians too...altho we're not quite fin with season7 part 1 yet. The ep you mentioned is not one we;ve seen. HUGE Whovians. we've had DW parties and Halloween costumes and dinners WHo related. (Hubby's not into it but he outs up with it!)
    happy to meet you. Looking fwd to hearing more.
    God bless!