Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spotlight On... William and Tommy!!

Sibling sets hold a VERY special place in my heart.  Maybe it's because I have 6 kids of my own, and I can't imagine them split up.  No matter how much they fight, no matter what.  It hurts my heart to think of it.

Maybe it's because I see kids on Reece's Rainbow all of the time who have been split from their siblings, like Kristie.  Kids who were left behind, for whatever reason.  Too often, because of their special need, when the sibling who was "normal" was adopted alone.

Whatever the reason, I hate seeing siblings split up.  So, when I see a sibling set on Reece's Rainbow, I tend to give it special notice, and pray extra hard that they can stay together.  Today's spotlight is on a sibling set... William and Tommy.

William (left, 6 years old) and Tommy (right, 4 years old) are brothers.  They've already been split up, but they're in foster homes and seem to be doing well.  Still, brothers shouldn't be separated, and they need to be reunited.   We're praying we can find a family to adopt them together.   From William and Tommy's Reece's Rainbow page:

William (DOB 11/17/06)
Special Needs: developmental delays, autism symptoms, mild thoracic scoliosis, strabismus

Tommy (DOB 08/07/08)
Special Needs: Developmental delays, congenital thalassemia


William is considered to be a sweet and considerate boy, he helps other children clear up their toys and is “the teacher’s wonderful little helper”. William’s foster mother has been working with him on his emotional control and stability, he is becoming more stable through her guidance and comfort. His schooling is helping him to progress in his learning though he continues to receive speech training through a Speech Language Pathologist.

Tommy has adapted very well to his foster family as well. He has developed a close relationship with his foster mother and seeks her attention. His emotions have also stabilized and he gets along well with his foster sister as well. He is very independent and can follow directions and warnings well. He also loves to go to school though he is about one year behind children of his age – it has been recommended that he needs more social stimulations and his therapy seems to be helping him catch up.

William and Tommy are looking for a forever home where they can be cared for and loved together!

These sound like really amazing boys!!  (And, um, they're cute to boot!! ;-) )  These are boys who need a family, and who need each other.  They need stability, and love.  Are you that family?

William and Tommy have a grant available, of $1,053.  It's not bad, at all!!  It could be better.  I bet we can get it higher!!

Please pray over William and Tommy today!  Please consider donating to their grant, because money DEFINITELY shouldn't separate brothers!!  Share them, and prayerfully consider-- are these your boys??  Are they the ones you've been waiting for to complete your family?

The kids I post about have been through so much.  They shouldn't have to go through losing their siblings, as well.

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