Friday, May 10, 2013

Spotlight On... Hayden!

Last night, as I was catching up on Doctor Who (oh, yes, I'm a Whovian... I freely admit it!), we were watching an episode called The Bells of Saint John For those poor souls out there who haven't found the wonderful fantasy world that is Doctor Who, I'll surmise for you:  The world is encased in Wi-Fi.  But, when you're searching for Wi-Fi, if you click on one particular signal, it will upload your mind INTO the Wi-Fi.  When you're uploaded, you go onto this screen... Anyway, I won't ruin it for you, but one thing stood out to me, that I want to share with you today.

In the evil lair (for lack of a better term...) there was a wall of screens.  And on each screen, was someone who had been uploaded into the Wi-Fi.  And they were all scared, and confused.  And they all said the same thing, in this super panicked voice.  "Help me.  I don't know where I am!"

That's sort of what I think about when I see things like this:

I wonder how many of these kids are screaming in their minds, "Help me!!  I don't know where I am!  But I'm dying to get out!  I want to meet you!  I want to see the world!  I want to communicate, I want to learn, I want to teach!  Someone, anyone, PLEASE!!  Just give me the tools to get out!!"

I wonder that as I bring you today's Spotlight.  Please meet Hayden

Hayden is 7 years old, and I'll let his write up on Reece's Rainbow speak for itself:

Boy, Born July 2005
has siblings (not available for adoption)
January 2010:   Psychical and physical developmental delays. He cannot name colors, geometrical shapes, and he does not understand the concepts of size and amount. He is not interested in toys and does not play with them. He gets aggitated when someone lightly provokes him. He does not participate in general children activities. Stereotypical movements are noticed (swinging, swaying, rocking). Phonemic hearing is not developed, his audion perception is delayed, speech pronunctiation delays, and his vocabulary is narrow. His balance and coordination are delayed.
Hayden is active and curious, he is interested in his surroundings. His comprehensive language is limited, he speaks using the sentences of two-four words. He often repeats the heard word several times. He likes active games and active activities, however he prefers to play alone. He likes singing, dancing, and enjoys musical activities. He struggles to communicate, collaborate, and play with peers. He has trouble paying attention. He has no interest in toys and prefers playing with things like a tape-recorder, tv, electrical switch, etc. He does not know his colors. He could be characterized as quite impatient and impulsive. Independence skills are under developed. He eats independently, he needs help from an adult to dress and undress and to do all hygienic tasks. He seeks out attention from adults in various manners. He likes helping in daily chores by dusting, wiping off the table, and tidying the toys. He cannot express his opinion.

Can you see the intelligence behind those eyes?  This child is THERE .  He's in there, behind the eyes.  He needs someone to help him get out.   Are you the family that is able to do that?  Can you see behind the diagnosis, see behind the eyes, and see the BOY that is stuck in there?

Can you see him?

Hayden only has $20 in his account.  I don't know why, but he does.  So, as it stands right now, his family has to look past the diagnosis, has to look past the autism, has to look past the tiny grant... and see their son.

It will take a very special family.  But I know there is one out there for him.

Will you help us find them?  Please, prayerfully consider donating to Hayden.  Let's tear down one of his barriers.  Then, share this blog post, or share Hayden's Reece's Rainbow page.  If we all share, he'll go viral, and I know his family will find him.  And, finally, pray over Hayden today.  Think about what it must be like for him, locked in his own world, struggling to get out.

Please, help the world meet Hayden.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spotlight On... William and Tommy!!

Sibling sets hold a VERY special place in my heart.  Maybe it's because I have 6 kids of my own, and I can't imagine them split up.  No matter how much they fight, no matter what.  It hurts my heart to think of it.

Maybe it's because I see kids on Reece's Rainbow all of the time who have been split from their siblings, like Kristie.  Kids who were left behind, for whatever reason.  Too often, because of their special need, when the sibling who was "normal" was adopted alone.

Whatever the reason, I hate seeing siblings split up.  So, when I see a sibling set on Reece's Rainbow, I tend to give it special notice, and pray extra hard that they can stay together.  Today's spotlight is on a sibling set... William and Tommy.

William (left, 6 years old) and Tommy (right, 4 years old) are brothers.  They've already been split up, but they're in foster homes and seem to be doing well.  Still, brothers shouldn't be separated, and they need to be reunited.   We're praying we can find a family to adopt them together.   From William and Tommy's Reece's Rainbow page:

William (DOB 11/17/06)
Special Needs: developmental delays, autism symptoms, mild thoracic scoliosis, strabismus

Tommy (DOB 08/07/08)
Special Needs: Developmental delays, congenital thalassemia


William is considered to be a sweet and considerate boy, he helps other children clear up their toys and is “the teacher’s wonderful little helper”. William’s foster mother has been working with him on his emotional control and stability, he is becoming more stable through her guidance and comfort. His schooling is helping him to progress in his learning though he continues to receive speech training through a Speech Language Pathologist.

Tommy has adapted very well to his foster family as well. He has developed a close relationship with his foster mother and seeks her attention. His emotions have also stabilized and he gets along well with his foster sister as well. He is very independent and can follow directions and warnings well. He also loves to go to school though he is about one year behind children of his age – it has been recommended that he needs more social stimulations and his therapy seems to be helping him catch up.

William and Tommy are looking for a forever home where they can be cared for and loved together!

These sound like really amazing boys!!  (And, um, they're cute to boot!! ;-) )  These are boys who need a family, and who need each other.  They need stability, and love.  Are you that family?

William and Tommy have a grant available, of $1,053.  It's not bad, at all!!  It could be better.  I bet we can get it higher!!

Please pray over William and Tommy today!  Please consider donating to their grant, because money DEFINITELY shouldn't separate brothers!!  Share them, and prayerfully consider-- are these your boys??  Are they the ones you've been waiting for to complete your family?

The kids I post about have been through so much.  They shouldn't have to go through losing their siblings, as well.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spotlight On... Justine!!

Please meet our latest Young Lady... Miss Justine!!

Justine is 11 years old, but about to turn 12.  Isn't she lovely??  She needs her hair to be allowed to grow out (by the way, if you're wondering, they shave everyone's heads like that to keep the head lice count under control.  Lovely, huh?), but look at those AMAZING eyes!!  This is one absolutely beautiful young lady!!  From Justine's Reece's Rainbow page:

Girl, Born June 11, 2001
From her medical records: congenital microcephaly, autism
Justine is a pretty girl with dark hair and eyes. She is fully mobile and active. Her face bears features of FAS, but this is not documented and is only a cautionary disclosure.
As with all children living in these difficult conditions, this child’s cognitive development has regressed significantly since he/she was younger. It is of crucial importance that any family considering the adoption of an older child from the mental institution setting be well prepared for what to expect with regards to how the neglect and lack of adequate medical care and nourishment has affected this child. These children all have TREMENDOUS potential for improvement, and deserve to have a life outside these four walls.
Justine has so very much potential.  There is no reason why she couldn't absolutely blossom and shine in a family!!

Justine, like so many of our Teamwork Tuesday children, has been overlooked.  She only has a $100 grant.  That's completely unacceptable.  She's getting scary close to the "In Danger of Aging Out" group, and I don't want to see her get there.  Can we help her? 

Please pray over Justine right now.  Pray that her family finds her, and HELP that family by sharing this post, or her Reece's Rainbow page.  Pray pray pray about donating to her grant.  It needs to grow SIGNIFICANTLY for her to come home, unobstructed by money.  

You've met her.  You've seen her face.  You've looked into those beautiful eyes... what will you do? 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spotlight On... Brody and Auggie!!

I want to introduce you to two very special brothers, Brody and Auggie.

Auggie (left) and Brody (right) are brothers, but they're not in the same orphanage.  Brody is 7, and Auggie is 8.  They are said to be sweet, sweet boys.  Here is more about Brody and Auggie:

Brody  born April 2006
Auggie  born March 2005
Rough mental delay, partial atrophy of eye nerves, cerebral palsy, episyndrome
From someone who met Brody in 2011 and Auggie in 2012:
Brody and Auggie are sweet little boys who appear to have some sort of genetic disorder that causes developmental delays and self-harming behaviors. They are not aggressive towards others, only towards themselves, and these behaviors can be halted temporarily by picking either boy up and spinning him around. Brody is able to walk, and can drink from a cup without help. He is not quite able to feed himself, but is willing to try. Auggie was in a laying room for over a year, but after only 3 months of physical therapy is now sitting independently and working on learning to stand. Both boys have wonderful, heart stealing smiles. Brody appears to be in his own world much of the time, and loves things that crinkle or light up, and things shaped like sticks, as well as hands, gloves, feet and socks. He shows numerous signs of autism, which may or may not be environmental. Auggie loves things that crinkle or light up, slinkies, music, and tv. He is more interactive than Brody, and appears to lift his arms up to indicate he would like to be held. This is the only form of communication I observed from either of the boys. The boys are currently living in separate orphanages. I pray a family will reunite these brothers together in one family, where they can receive all the love and attention they need to meet their full potential!
We hope a family will consider adopting them TOGETHER.More pictures available.
These boys kill me. I see my precious 6 yo in Auggie's smile.  I see such joy in Brody's, and I don't want that joy to go away.  And it would, hidden behind walls in a mental institution.

I want to tell you so much more about Brody and Auggie.  But, in my search for information on them, I found this blog, this incredible blog, called Taking God's Love to the Ends of the Earth.  And she's met Brody.  And, oh, my word, her descriptions just make my heart ache, and my words seem insufficient.  So, I'll leave you with her posts about Brody and Auggie:

Brody:  Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here

Auggie:  Here and Here.

Brody and Auggie have a grant, but it's not nearly what they need to be fully funded.  Their grant is at $1,150.  I want to see them on the highest level of the Moving Mountains page.  Can we get them there?

Please, pray for Brody and Auggie, for the family I know God has planned for them.  For their grant, and for their caregivers.  Today, don't let Brody and Auggie be a second from your thoughts.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spotlight On... Emil!!

Emil is a beautiful, 13 year old boy with Down Syndrome and CP.  What does that mean?  That means that in 2 years, he is condemned to a life inside of a mental institution.  Forever.  It means no stimulation.  None of the therapies he so desperately needs.  Nothing.  Ever.  It means that in 2 years... the world will forget him.

I won't forget him.

From Emil's Reece's Rainbow Facebook Page:

Born December 1999
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy and down syndrome
From someone who met him in 2012:
Emil was the gentlest child ever! Unable to talk but the pleading in his eyes killed me! He grabbed my finger and wouldn’t let go…what a grip! He also got really hit a few times by others wanting my attention, he didn’t retaliate but fell in a heap and moved away, only to return when the coast was clear. I would love to see this child in a nurturing environment!

This post breaks my heart. He CRAVES attention. He's DYING for love.  He's absolutely wasting away, with no affection.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!  Can you help Emil??  I'm begging you, my heart is breaking for him.  PLEASE help us find his Forever Family... before it's too late!!

Emil has a decent grant... $3,883!!!  It's not small change, for sure!!  But it's not the $25,000 his Forever Family needs to be able to adopt him.  I'm asking you humbly, please pray HARD today about donating to Emil's Reece's Rainbow grant.

Please share Emil.  You might be his Mama.  You might not be.  But you might know her.  You might have her on your friends list right now, and she's looking for him.  She might follow you on Twitter.  PLEASE... share Emil today.

And, above all else, pray for him.  Pray hard.  He needs our prayers, SO much.

Now you know about Emil.  Will you ignore this?  Will you ignore him?  His silent pleads for help?  For love?  For affection?  For attention?  Will you ignore him?

Now you know.  What will you do?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spotlight On... Colin!!

Today, I'd love to introduce you to Colin!

Even though he's 10 years old, I just wanna take those cheeks and pinch!!  From Colin's Reece's Rainbow Page:

Boy, Born December 16, 2002
Colin has the most striking blue eyes!  He was born with CP and is not able to walk on his own yet.   His upper body seems to be fine, but his legs are affected by the spasticity.  Colin has tremendous potential for improvement with therapy and a loving family.  He is medically healthy outside of his CP.
From his medical records: microcephaly, CP, spastic tetraplegia
As with all children living in these difficult conditions,  this child’s cognitive development has regressed significantly since he/she was younger.  It is of crucial importance that any family considering the adoption of an older child from the mental institution setting be well prepared for what to expect with regards to how the neglect and lack of adequate medical care and nourishment has affected this child.    These children all have TREMENDOUS potential for improvement, and deserve to have a life outside these four walls.
These children are truly living on borrowed time, and families should be home study approved before an official commitment can be made for this child.

Colin's issues look scary, but not nearly unmanageable.  I know there's a family out there, just waiting and willing to love Colin.

Now, there is a problem:  Colin has a tiny grant.  Only $50.  That's completely and totally unacceptable.  I've said it before, I'll say it again:  MONEY SHOULD NEVER STAND IN THE WAY OF ADOPTION!!  And I won't let it stand in the way of this one!!

Will you pray today about donating to Colin's grant?  No child should be overlooked.  No child should have a lack of funds stand in the way of going home.  Will you share him and his need?  Will you cover him in prayer today?  Now you know about Colin, what will you do?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spotlight On... Brandi!!

Admit it, you've already fallen in love with that grin, haven't you??

I know, she's just too cute for words!

Her name is Brandi, and let me tell you a bit about her...

Brandi is 6 years old, and has microcephaly and CP.  But, that does NOT slow this girl down, and she is very physically active.  From Brandi's Reece's Rainbow page:

Girl, Born August 31, 2007
Little Brandi is much loved….she has CP and microcephaly, but is physically active and in need of a forever family.
From her medical records:  “lack of development of brain from birth” ,”specific problems of psychological development”, “loss of hearing in both ears”

Not so scary, not at all!! Here's another cool thing about Brandi... she has an OUTSTANDING grant!! Brandi's Grant is at $10,681 at the time I write this!!

That large a grant has the bucket just almost half full.  To adopt from Brandi's country will take approximately $25,000, so this is DEFINITELY a step in the right direction... but it's not there yet.  It won't be there, until she's FULLY FUNDED and money isn't an obstacle from her Forever Family getting to her.

There is a SUPER EASY way for you to help!!!  Brandi has been given a grant opportunity of $10,000!!!  That will make her NEARLY FULLY FUNDED!!  And it's SO simple for YOU to help... simply watch This Youtube Music Video by Lydia Hollis (clean, Christian artist), and like it.  When it gets enough views, Brandi gets her grant!!  So, watch, like, and share!!!

So, please share Brandi today!!  Brandi has an AWESOME advocate over at Life's Beautiful Butterflies, who is working hard to fundraise for her.  So, head over there, see what's going on, and support her fundraising efforts.  And, most importantly, pray over Brandi, and share this sweet little Princess!!  Her forever family is out there, and together, we can find them!!