Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Wesley!!

This is Wesley.  Wesley is 12 years old, and lives in Asia.  Six years ago, at only 6 years old, his family abandoned him.  We don't know why.  Perhaps they couldn't afford to care for him any longer.  Perhaps his medical needs were too great.  Perhaps they were simply tired of the stares.  See, Wesley has Albinism (an inherited condition where the child has little to no pigment in their skin, eyes, and hair).  He looks different.  He also has vision issues (horizontal nystagmus of both eyes, white iris, transparent cornea, both eye ground cannot be seen clearly).  So, I'm guessing he squints a lot.  It looks like he does in this picture.  

I'm going to go with the theory that his parents adored him, and just couldn't take care of him the way he needed to.  It makes me feel better.  It helps me sleep at night.  I have no idea if that's the truth.  I pray it is.  

Wesley is available to be adopted.  From his Reece's Rainbow page:

Wesley was abandoned when he was 6 years old and he has been on the list since 2008. He has a gentle temperment, is polite and sensible, and gets along well with others. He likes to play games with kids outdoors. He likes watching cartoons, listening to stories with peers, playing games with kids outdoors, likes playing balls and toy cars best.   He especially prefers toys that make sounds.

Additional pictures and information available.
He sounds like the sweetest boy, doesn't he?  Unfortunately, his grant is rather low.  Only $252.50

We need to get that up.  Kids that look different have a harder time getting adopted.  Older kids have an older time getting adopted.  Kids from Asia are too often the last picked.  Wesley has some strikes against him starting out.  Let's change that!  Let's give him one awesome, solid advantage!

My friend Sandra is hosting a giveaway right now for Wesley, the Precious One Giveaway.  She has some beautiful, awesome prizes.  I encourage you to go check it out.  Pray for Wesley!  Pray for Wesley's family!  And prayerfully donate to his fund.  Let's get this Precious One found!

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