Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teamwork Tuesday: Casey!!

This week's Teamwork Tuesday post is for such a special little boy--Casey!

Casey is 15 years old.  Yep, you read that right, 15!!  He turns 16 in June.  And that's an even worse magic number than 5.  Why, you ask?  Because at 16, these children are no longer adoptable by US citizens.  :'(

Casey has Cerebral palsy, significant mental delays, and seborrheic dermatitis.  You can see the results of his seborrheic dermatitis in the picture below, on his scalp.  

Casey desperately needs a family to help him, before he ages out.  From his Reece's Rainbow page:

Casey is very sweet.   He is bedridden, yet full of smiles.  He desperately needs a family to save him.

This is our latest update on Casey, sent to a friend and fellow advocate, just Friday:

I write to you both, because you've promoted Casey for adoption in different waysso he was seen by many doctors last months and had a special treatment and now we know - he will never be able to walk and his condition is getting worse every month, because he has spastic tetraparesis of 4 limbs...maybe this info can help to find someone to help him=to resсue him=to adopt himthank you for your help!!!

Casey also has quite the little grant going, and it's growing every day!  As of the time I write this, he has $3,588 ready for his Forever Family to come and get him.  That's not chump change!  His country is also friendly to large families, and to older parents.  It's a great country to adopt from, and there have been MANY happy adoptions from this area of the world.

It does have hope, though!!  Casey has a LOT of people pulling for him, and right now, he has a $250 matching grant!!  But, we've GOT to get him there, first!!  I'm SURE we can do this!! I know we can!! $250 is not that much... let's get this done!!  The MAGIC NUMBER for Casey's grant to get to is $3,838... that's what it needs to read, to get his grant.  

Will you please pray over Casey this week?  Pray that we can increase his grant, and consider donating to it.  And, please, please, please, share and pray and help us find his Forever Family.  The more people who see this post, the better chance Casey has of getting found.  So, please, Facebook, Tweet, G+, whatever it is that you do, do it for Casey!

In June, Casey will age out.  Can we find his Forever Family by then?

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